Step into the darkness and light up your life!

Welcome to the DIVE magazine night diving special...

Step into the darkness and light up your life!

There's something truly wonderful about night diving – that frisson of excitement as you light up a darkened reef with your torch, or trail your hand in the water to glory in the natural wonder of phosphorescence. To celebrate the night, we've produce this collector's issue on beautiful art paper - something to treasure with stunning photography displayed at its optimum.

Dancing in the dark

Meet the manta rays of Hawai'i

World editor Douglas David Seifert captures a dark carnival on camera as dozens of manta rays turn and reel through the night water. Another set of truly exceptional photographs from the master.

Welcome to black water diving

Beasts rise from the abyss

Black water diving is the latest craze sweeping Micronesia, as divers flock to see beasts rise from the abyss creating a theatre of voracious feeding and bizarre behaviours.

The sea that never sleeps

In search of night life

From tiny plankton to hungry sharks, it seems that much of the best action is taking place when the sun goes down. We find out exactly what is going bump in the night.

He's behind you!

Would you go swimming with a crocodile when it's pitch black?

Alejandro Prieto did – and he's got the photographs to prove it. Check out some of the amazing portraits captured by a remarkable photographer.

And there's more....

Neil Hope's guide to the best torches... Pamela Stephenson Connolly... Turkish delights... Marine curios – the tongue eating louse


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To celebrate 20 years of publishing one of the world's leading scuba magazines we have produced a beautiful collector's edition on glorious heavyweight paper where the images jump off the page. And we have gathered some of our very best feature and photographs from the past two decades!.

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